A Vision for Education


Yesterday, March 12, was an incredible day. I was in the company of 9 other women from Decoding Dyslexia NC and we met with our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mark Johnson. We asked him to stand up for kids with dyslexia, a population that is embarrassingly underserved in our state. He listened, asked questions, and we walked out of there with our heads held high knowing we gave a voice to so many kids in North Carolina who desperately need help that they aren’t receiving. After our meeting, we headed to the offices of our representatives and popped in, asking them to support a bill that has been introduced that defines what dyslexia is. The representatives we met with were gracious and listened, even though it was the end of the day. I’ll go into more detail about this in a future post, because it needs to be shared, but today my vision for education is this:

That we, as educators, are doing everything we can to meet the educational needs of all our kids, and that we are giving them opportunities that they don’t even know they need.

This is going to look different for each kid, but we have have got to get away from drowning them in tests and the false sense of accountability that testing purports to give. We need to help each child find their success identity and be open to the different ways that can look.


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